Use Bar Keepers Friend products to keep your vehicles clean. Because of the vast number of surfaces found on cars, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobile etc., it is imperative that you test clean inconspicuous areas first. BKF may dull delicate surfaces. For example, test-clean all wheels before attempting to remove brake dust. BKF is not intended for use on paint, or black plastic vehicle trim.


Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean rust from bicycles.


Use Bar Keepers Friend products to clean the metal surfaces on “woods”, irons and putter heads.


Use BKF to remove tarnish and rust from tools. BKF can be used to clean non-porous hard surfaces on hobby-related equipment, such as drum cymbals.


Scuff marks and stains can be removed from smooth athletic shoe surfaces using BKF products. Use a cotton swab to test-clean an inconspicuous area first.